10 Signs You Have Traveler’s Jet Lag

1. You wake up early not because you’re off to another island, but because you HAVE TO go back to work. Yes, work awaits your arrival.

2. The moment you get up from bed, you open your window and feel utterly lost in your surroundings. As if you’re a newborn baby slowly acclimatizing yourself to the world outside a womb.


3. You gaze on the horizon, but your head can’t wrap around the idea that where you are now is your reality.

4. Everything around you feels like a dream. No, wait. It feels like you’ve been zapped into a nightmare!

5. You go to work as you’re supposed to, but your mind wanders elsewhere.

6. You keep on browsing photos of your travel, wishing you’re still there enjoying every bit of it.


7. Your colleagues talk to you, but you absorb nothing. You are a walking and breathing zombie, unable to process communication. Your soul is not with you today.


8. You sit in front of your work desktop and browse / plan your next destination. Exhibit A.

9. There’s nothing you want to do now but sleep and recoup all the hours spent on traveling.


10. You check in on your travel mates every now and then, reminiscing while enduring a separation anxiety attack.