What it means to Dil·ly-Dal·ly (v.)

According to Free Dictionary, to dilly-dally means to:

dilly-dally [ˌdɪlɪˈdælɪ]
vb –lies, –lying, –lied
Syn: dillydally, drag one’s feet, drag one’s heels, procrastinate, stall, shillyshally

  1. postpone doing what one should be doing;
  2. act later than planned, scheduled, or required;
  3. postpone or delay needlessly;
  4. loiter;
  5. waste time, especially in indecision.


We dilly-dally in life most of the time, yet we go on with our daily routines, completely oblivious to the amount of time we waste. I know I am guilty to most of these:

  • The moment we wake up, we hit the snooze button. As if the extra 5 minutes make a healthy difference. 
  • When we get to work, we open our browser first to check WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • We procrastinate once we realize we’re a day away from a deadline.
  • We take a 45-min. coffee break instead of 30.
  • We keep a planner, but we never write on it.  Or if we ever write on it, we don’t check it as much. Or we just doodle on it.
  • We make resolutions we can’t keep.
  • We set unrealistic goals and end up not accomplishing any.
  • We say tomorrow we take fitness seriously… Well tomorrow, we say the same thing again.

I’ve been dilly-dallying a lot in my life, hence the monicker dillydallygirl. Dilly-dallying for me, is not just an act to postpone or to delay, but also to pause… to stop and smell the roses. I’ve been such a go-getter in the past, which only drained every enthusiasm and motivation I have. I ended up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Those horrible days broke me, but what I learned from that is to never take life too seriously. Take all the time you need. Be as goofy, crazy, and random as you want to be.

Meet Mochi, my best friend’s precious poodle.

Being a dillydallygirl helps me hold my horses. It is my made-up defense mechanism.

In this crazy, fast-paced world we live in, we deserve to stop once in a while.

I’m not a hundred percent proud of it, but here’s how I would like to look at my own acts of dilly-dallying. These are the things you’ll most likely stumble upon my page:

  • Travel now, save later. By this, I don’t mean spending my entire paycheck to splurge on a getaway. I want to explore being single (because being in a relationship is technically still being single in Marital Status) to the fullest before I commit to forever. The regret of not being able to go places while still young frightens me. It’s susceptible to recoil at a later age, smacking you right in the face, knocking you down only to realize you haven’t enjoyed the world much on your own enough.

    Best beach EVER - Bantayan Islands, Cebu

    Best beach EVER – Bantayan Islands, Cebu

  • Sleep is for the weak. Go, read a book. I am a self-proclaimed night owl. A certified nocturnal. I love staying up late at night, curled up in bed under the sheets, reading a book while listening to my customized reading playlist. I know this takes away some precious shut-eye, but the satisfaction that a book brings? That’s priceless.

    Scored these from a book sale. I am a sucker for book sales!

    Scored these from a book sale. I am a sucker for book sales!

  • It’s Friday and I don’t care!!! Once the clock strikes 5, I’m out. All the other work that’s not urgent for the day can wait ’til Monday. Let me have fun now! Party, drinks, movie date, food trip, long weekend getaway, name it, I’m game for it! 🙂 Gotta love FRIDAYS!
  • Eat your heart out! I know this is not healthy, but I’m working on it! I’ll get back in shape soon. And no, I don’t mean round.

    My most fave local pizza maker as of the moment!

    My most fave local pizza maker as of the moment!

  • In between work hours, write. I always have a pen and notebook within reach. When I’m about to feel burned out, I write. About whatever that stirs me at the moment. Not so bad to dilly-dally now, isn’t it? 🙂
Always better than typing your thoughts out.

Always better than typing your thoughts out.

If you’re following me, then I must have amused you in one way or another. Thanks for the follow! Please bear in mind that every time I hit Publish, I’m most probably dilly-dallying something more important. 😉  I promise not to dilly-dally with my entries, though! 😛


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