What do you wanna come home to?

I was feeling gloomy and restless the entire day that I kept thinking about coming home. I had a hard time falling asleep the other night and woke up with a heavy feeling. This Wednesday wasn’t cheery at all.

As I dragged myself out of my hellhole after work, I kept longing about things I wanna come home to. I’m sure we all have those “I wish school’s/work’s over so I could go home already” feeling.

Sadly though, I didn’t get any of these I’m about to mention tonight (which further affirmed why I wanna get my own place really soon!!!).

Someday please come sooner.

1. Nice warm bath – Aaaah, nothing beats a refreshing, warm bath after a stressful day. Bath time is not just freshen up time for me. It’s also my way of unwinding and reflecting about the day that was. I’ve already gained so much epiphanies while in the shower! I don’t know, maybe the sound of running water helps me think better. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has this sentiment about bath time epiphanies! 😉

2. Big, empty bed – All I could think of while on my way home was the idea of crashing in my bed and just lying there, eyes closed, arms stretched out, and mind drifting away into a sea of happy thoughts. I have this tendency of being such a loner sometimes. I just want the entire big bed to myseeeeelf!

3. Tight hugs – Studies show that body warmth actually helps a person relax and feel better. Who doesn’t like being hugged, anyway? Even those suffering from SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) or Panic Disorders could be pacified with warm, tight hugs. All day long I kept thinking about my face gently pressed on someone’s chest, eyes closed, arms folded, my body tightly squeezed with loving arms. Now ain’t that such a good feeling to come home to?

4. Chill music – I just can’t function well without music. There should always be something playing whenever, wherever — while in the shower, while cleaning the house or washing the dishes, and even while in bed and waiting to fall asleep. It calms my nerves and soothes my soul. Music is indeed therapeutic.

5. Chocolates – Need I say more?

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